Rebūke is a standout star. A breakout act forged in the white-hot atmosphere of the Irish  underground music scene. An artist constantly searching for something new and exciting who’s  captured that elusive thing – a sound and a style... all his own. 

ERA is Rebūke’s brand new world. A place for people to lose themselves in a realm of sound and  vision. The first release, the double header "Glow / Void" – is an introduction to ERA's universe,  where Rebūke has created a captivating sense of futurism. Carefully crafted pieces of music  accompanied by a visual narrative, allowing people to experience Rebūke’s ERA vision and  storytelling in full and create something truly remarkable across music releases, live shows, and a  thriving online community. 

All of this has been built on a rock-solid discography on some of the most sought-after labels of  the last decade. His Afterlife collaboration with Anyma ‘Syren’ is a magnificent piece of forward thinking melodic techno and has already become one of the most requested tracks of 2023. 

He continues to sell out venues across the globe and expand his fanbase with a series of carefully  curated ERA live shows in Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and beyond.