Saturday 15 - 5PM to 7PM


KENDRA, has explored and pushed the envelope of a wide range of sounds. Influenced initially by African American blues and Psychedelic Rock by her north Californian mom who lived through the “Summer of Love” during the 60’s and 70’s in San Francisco Bay Area; and her familiy, in witch her two uncles, David and Bert, were self taught exquisite rhythm and blues piano jazz players, from a very tender age was surrounded by music. From the other side, she also spent lots of time in her father’s studio, a painter and music geek record collector (dub, kraut-rock, pre-electronica ambient, experimental, jazz..) on the coast of Badalona. During that time, age 7 or 8, she also decided on learning how to play African Drum, Djembe, after getting obsessed by tribal African music through a documentary.

Kendra has forged her own path still integrating all her influences into her own deep quest, eclectiC with A phsychedelic approach towards modern club music (techno, house, trance, electro...) in search of her own wholly distinct wall of sound, always in the making and

difficult to typecast... lighter or darker but always groovy, with a pinch of unexpectedness in the rhythm and dreamy in the harmonics.

Begun collecting her own records around age 20 and making music at home with Reason 4.1 software, never had in mind such thing as “becoming a Dj”, was just a way of experiencing music further. For 10 years now spinning in Barcelona and most likely traveling abroad playing in Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Granada and London. Kendra started to release music years ago on digital format in labels as Arupa Music from London with Carlo

Santi, on Hame Freq from Uruguay with Dafoe, with who she was also involved in with his What.if Music Record Shop project for a couple years, a record store born through a

Barcelona already known music label. Also, last year appearing on Lis Sarroca’s new label Maai Records and also in Vinyl format with Alex Picone’s last Illegal Series Label, and another digital release on Formresonance “ Vibrations ep” with Florian Schirmacher

from Perlon, Berlin label. Now a days, working on a new analog set up in her music

studio in Poblenou in order to start releasing music on her own with a more personal, distinctive and powerful sound.