White Solar Dog

Saturday 15 - 9PM to 11PM

White Solar Dog

White Solar Dog is the last of the very first civilisation in the universe.

He comes from an old planet named Iphyso, which once orbited Sirius B, the smaller companion

of the brighter Sirius A. Ages from now, the planet collapsed. Iphyso imploded, leaving behind

nothing but debris.

Since then WSD has been wandering through all dimensions, studying and learning the secrets

of the space-time fabric, awakening myriads of civilisations, touching the infinite.

WSD has been on Earth before. Worshiped as a God by the Egyptians, the Mayas, the Atlanteans

and many other ancient civilisations yet unknown to earthlings. In recent times, his contacts

diminished, reduced to shamans and gurus, but he never left.

Now, he has found in electro music the true way to enlighten us all.

White Solar Dog brings a message of love, a message of light, for us all to walk by his side.

Follow his path to an awakened future.

You too can be the chosen one!