Narcis Playmo

Friday 14 - 4PM to 6PM

Narcis Playmo

Narcís Playmo, known artistically as Playmobilhead, is a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene, excelling both in the world of music and the visual arts. With a career spanning over 30 years as a DJ, he has delighted audiences worldwide with his musical talent and boundless creativity.

Narcís has ventured into music production and remixing tracks from the 70s and 80s, demonstrating exceptional versatility in the realm of electronic music in all its forms. His album "The Change of the Sea," released in 2012, is a testament to his ability to create techno passages in an innovative and captivating manner.

But Narcís's artistic skills don't stop at music. As a contemporary painter, he has excelled in abstract expressionism, exploring emotions and visual experimentation through color and form.

With a strong presence on social media, he has a notable community of followers who appreciate and celebrate his work. With boundless creativity and a multidisciplinary approach, Narcís Playmo continues to captivate his audience and leave a lasting mark on the world of contemporary art and music.